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Personal Memoir Films, a division of Twisted Eye Video, a video production company, is composed of a group of professionals unwavering in their dedication to preserving each individual’s history. To accomplish this, we have assembled a team of men and women who blend their unique talents to provide our clients the best possible biography. Our team is headed up by lead historian, Richard Auerbach, President, and driving force behind Personal Memoir Films. Not only is he a graduate of LaSalle University, he has many years of individual study including a life rich in experiences that go beyond academia.

From the Marine airbase at Da Nang to amphibious landings in Spain, Mr. Auerbach spent 10 years in service to his country. He was not your “typical” enlisted man. Whether standing at Napoleon’s tomb, touring Peace Park in Hiroshima or visiting an old fort in Puerto Rico, Mr. Auerbach felt driven to seek out his connection to the unique history from each location. Personal Memoir films telling your life story to the ones you loveNow, with over forty years of study and real world experiences, his passion for history is directed to insure your life stories are handled with utmost respect and care.

Our video editing team have thousands of hours of editing experience, including television and video. The team analyzes the rough footage of your interview and spends literally dozens of hours preparing your biography. Once edited, your video is handed over to our research staff for thorough review. Their job is to go through the video and pick out points where additional information could be placed to highlight your monologue. These highlights, called B roll, give your biography depth and add interest for the viewer.