Is the Strategy Session Really Free?

Absolutely! When you meet with us, we will be going into the things that will help increase your ROI. As a result you will get our Strategic Status Report. This report will have all the details, including a firm price for you to make an informed decision.

What Separates Twisted Eye Video From All The others?

We are the only company in the area specializing in video marketing for the small business.  Other companies are happy shooting anything, from parties to weddings. We only do videos that return an ROI.

What is A Computer Generated Video?

These are videos done without an “on location” shooting. We use royalty-free stills and/or royalty-free videos, coupled with an approved script and professional voice-over (VO). These are normally our lower cost videos.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. Depending on the pricepoint your project comes in at, we can set up project milestone  payments. 

Are The Videos Done For Me - Mine?

Any videos we do for you and have been paid for, are your property; however, the pieces that made up your video are not included.

How Do I get Started?

It’s easy – Call 877-563-6647 to set up a convent appointment.