Pre-Roll Examples

Pre-Rolls are commercials on YouTube. The second most powerful search engine. They can be pinpointed to just the people who are looking for your product or service, often at a lower cost than newspaper, TV or radio. You only pay when someone watches your ad, often as low as 20¢ and it’s VIDEO.

Pre-Roll commercials are pinpointed right to the person your are trying to market. 

TV Commercials Example

For those businesses that have arrived, TV commercials are the true sign your business has made the BIG time. Not only can we do the creative part of your commercials, we also manage to get you on the network that gives you the best ROI. 

We can get you on TV! Be in the market place you want to be, The Villages to Ocala.

Web Page Enhancement (Explainer video)

Any well-made video is going to help increase time on your site, (the longer a viewer spends on your site the better the ranking). An EXPLAINER video on your front page above the “fold” can engage, teach and inform. Here at Twisted Eye Video we are experts at developing this kind of video. 

Please watch these Explainer videos to get an idea of how powerful these types of video are.

high quality video engages

The ability to engage your audience is one of the primary goals in all the videos we produce for you.

We can insure a ROI because of our FREE STRATEGY SESSION. The information guides us in knowing  just the right message to reach your potential customers.


Evergreen videos produced by professionals are designed to last 4 – 5 years. With this kind of longevity,  what may seem expensive is in fact extremely financially practical.

Need help with easier industrial solutions? We are experts!